Vicar Vacancy

Vicar Update

Our new Vicar, Revd Dan Stork Banks, and his family will move to Chobham with Valley End later this month.  The service of celebration of a new ministry will take place on Tuesday, 5th November 2019 at 7.30pm at St Lawrence Church.


Our Vacancy Prayer

Lord of the Church, bring your blessing upon the parish of Chobham with Valley End through the weeks and months of the vacancy.  Give strength and guidance to all who remain in responsibility, and to all those who will visit to lead us in prayer and worship. 


Preachers during the Vacancy

4 August                8am & 9am services: David Holt (former Vicar of Bagshot)

11 August             NO 8am service

18 August             9am & 10am services: Chris Denham

25 August             9am service: Jeremy Cresswell (former Vicar of Oxshott)

1 September        8am & 9am services: Elizabeth Greenwood (Clergy on call)

8 September        8am service: Rob Bennett (he did his 3 month placement with us back in 2006 and has visited occasionally)

15 September     8am service: Rob Bennett

15 September     9am & 10am services: Chris Denham

15 September     9am & 10am services: Visiting Preacher from Church Army

22 September     NO 8am service

29 September     9am service: David Holt (Clergy on call)

6 October             8am & 9am services: Area Dean, Jonathan Hillman (Windlesham)

13 October           9am Morning Prayer @ Valley End: Alex Green

                                8am & 10am: Chris Denham

20 October           8am, 9am & 10am: Archdeacon, Paul Davies

27 October           NO 8am service

27 October           9am & 10am services: Chris Denham

3 November         8am & 9am services: TBC (Clergy on call)

                               10am: TBC


Some Contact Information

During the vacancy, you may find the following instructions helpful:

  • If your enquiry is related to pastoral matters, such as to discuss weddings, baptisms or funerals, or if you would like to speak about a personal matter, then please email or call our Parish Administrator on and 01276 856976.
  • For matters related to Children’s and Families ministry, please email or call Carina Franklin on and 01276 858333.
  • For all other matters please refer to the Parish Office on and 01276 856976.