Remembrance Sunday - 11th November 2018

For many years The Royal British Legion in conjunction with our churches and many local groups, have gathered for a Service of Remembrance each Remembrance Sunday.  Whilst this has always been an important and very well attended village event, this year it takes on an even greater significance. 

2018 marks the 100th anniversary since the end of hostilities, and the end of the First World War. From 1914 to 1918 it is difficult for us to imaging the hardship that those on the frontlines, and on the home front, had to endure.  Our own local war memorials bear testimony to their sacrifice. 


In our parish of Chobham and Valley End we shall be marking Remembrance Sunday at three services.   

9:00am Service

After the service, the congregation will gather aroud the war memorial opposite St Saviour for and Act of Remembrance.  Wreaths are welcome.

10:00am Service

During the service there will be an Act of Remembrance.

3:00pm Royal British Legion Remembrance Service

This is the main remembrance service, organisted by the Royal British Legion and hosted by the church.  This is a very well attended service of all ages, which begins with a parade of pipes and drums from Chobham car park.  If you wish to join the parade, please gather at the car park (behind Chobham Rider on Windsor Road) from 2:30pm.  Everyone else is welcome to gather in St Lawrence Church by 3:00pm.