Easter 2020

Easter Services in the Parish

Our parish churches have a full and traditional range of Easter services across the season, from Palm Sunday until Easter Sunday.

The times and locations are set out here, but if in doubt please get in touch to find out more.

Palm Sunday

Come and follow the donkey to church, just like in Jesus' day - shout 'Hosanna!'. 

We gather at Chobham Car Park from 10:15am, to make our procession to St Lawrence in time for the 10:30am services.  Palm fronds and palm crosses are available to all.  For those unable to join the procession, we shall see you in the church a little before the service begins. 

The 8am service at St Lawrence, and 9am service at St Saviours, will proceeed as normal with Lent and Passiontide worship.

Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday remembers that time when Jesus gathered with his disciples for the Last Supper, before he was arrested and put on trial before Pontius Pilate.  At St Lawrence, we hold to an annual tradition where we gather to recreate the last supper in worship and sharing around a meal of just the same sort that Jesus might have hosted - usually known as a Seder Meal. 

It's an evening event, from 8pm in the Church Hall, followed by a short and prayerful vigil in the church before leaving quietly for our homes.  In the same evening we strip the altars and leave to church in a desolate state, in remembrance of Christ's death.

For those wishing to come to the Seder Meal, please get in touch, and sign-up on the sheet in the church porch.

Good Friday

The day of the cross, when Jesus died.  This is a solemn day when the literally gather ourselves around the cross, to attach our own sinful lives to Jesus' death for us. 

There is a service at 12:00 midday in St Lawrence, which we call 'At the Foot of the Cross', to bring our faithful repentance, and to seek the reassurance of God's forgiveness.  During the sevice we will each make symbolic gesture of nailing a blood-red ribbon to the cross, which is later take outside and placed in the churchyard for all to see.

Easter Eve

In Jesus time and society the day began at sunset, and so Easter Day Sunday can begin at dusk on the evening before, otherwise known as Easter Eve.  An old tradition dating to the earliest church is to gather for a Service of Light, or Easter Fire to proclaim the new and glorious day of Easter, when Jesus rises from from the tomb - securing our final victory and hope in Jesus Christ.  

At St Lawrence from, 8pm the Service of Light will begin outside as we kindly the Easter Fire, before proceeding inside to hear the story of God's plan for our salvation, acclaiming Easter, and singing in celebration.  On that same evening, we can make our own commitment, as we renew our baptism vows.

Easter Day

To celebrate Easter Day, there will be a normal layout of services in the parish:

8am Holy Communion at St Lawrence

9am Holy Communioon at St Saviours, Valley End

10.30am Famlly Service with Holy Communion at St Lawrence

Do please come and join in for Easter Day, or any of the other services and celebations.