I'm New Here

We come in all shapes and sizes.

Whoever you are and wherever you’re from, you are welcome to St Lawrence and St Saviour.

We would love you to join us at St Lawrence or St Saviour, and if you are coming for the first time then you are especially welcome.   Why not come along for a visit?  St Lawrence Church is open every day, until around 5:30pm, so drop in whenever you feel like it.

We also know that joining us for the first time can be a bit intimidating, so perhaps we can answer a few questions:

What time are the services, and how long are they?

You can find the times of the regular Sunday services here and also under the Worship link in the top menu above.  The 8:00am service lasts around 40 minutes, whereas the 9:00am and 10:30am services last about an hour.  The afternoon Children's Tea Services are also about an hour.

Can I bring children?

Of course!  We are a family church and love children in our services.  Family's are particuarly invited to bring their children to the 10:30am service. There is also a Children's Tea Service for those aged 0-8 and a youth group for ages 9-12.

I don't think I'm a member of the Church of England, can I still come?

Many local people who would not consider themselves as member of the Church of England come along to St Lawrence and St Saviours.  Whether you are a Roman Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, United Reformed or Salvation Army you will find God here with us.  If you would rather not take Holy Communion, then you can still come up to the altar to receive a blessing, otherwise you can remain seated peacefully.

I'm not baptised or Christened, can I still come?

By all means.  People begin coming to church at all sorts of different stages in their lives, but God accepts all people at all times.  Often after a while, people ask to be baptised as commitment to something new and important in their lives.  Baptism is not just for babies!  If you would like to find out more about baptism, then have a look at the baptism page here.

Where are your churches?

St Lawrence church is in the village centre, and you can get the exact location from the Find Us page.   We’re a church which values its community and we always seek to reflect this in our range services and outreach.  St Saviours is the smaller of the two churches and is situated a few minutes drive from the centre of Chobham, in a hamlet called Valley End.  In both churches you’ll find a warm friendly welcome, people of all ages worshiping and enjoying each other’s company.  

I don't know anyone.  Will I feel isolated?

We know it can sometimes feel daunting the first time, but we have people on hand to ensure you feel just that – welcomed!  Perhaps you might like to ring Dan our Vicar, who would be very pleased to meet up with you and help you to settle down.

If you have any questions you can send them in from the Contact page, or better still give us a ring.