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St Lawrence

St Lawrence is the oldest church in Surrey Heath and is the only Grade I listed building in the borough.  It is a landmark in our village heritage and at the heart of our community today.

There was probably an even earlier church on the site, but the oldest part of the current building dates from about 1080. Only a few elements of this Norman church remain. It probably finished at the present chancel step so the church has expanded in several directions. Many generations have added features of great beauty right down to our own times.

Until 1215 the dead of Chobham were carried the seven miles to Chertsey Abbey, whose priests at that time conducted the services in the church. Then Thomas of Chobham, petitioned the Pope for a burial ground by the church.

The first Vicar of Chobham was William Dagelynggesworth in 1324. There is a list of the vicars after him in the church porch.

The church is dedicated to St Lawrence, who was martyred for his faith in Rome in 258.

St Saviour

St Saviour is a charming little red brick Victorian church built with the generosity of an aristocratic philanthropist the Hon Mrs Julia Bathurst, a widow who moved in high society but was also deeply involved in the affairs of the community where she lived. She had also founded Valley End School.

 ulia Bathurst wanted and afforded the best, commissioning Gothic Revivalist Sir George Frederick Bodley who would later be the chief architect of Washington National Cathedral In Washington DC, to design a new place of worship for Valley End.

The Parish of Valley End was united with Chobham in the 1950s The 150th  anniversary of the dedication of St Saviour is being celebrated in 2017. A fascinating blog is capturing cameos of life in Valley End and its church. You can read it here.

Find out more about our history and heritage at Chobham.Info | British History Online and for  (this is from another website so will open in a new window)



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